Hallstatt: The picturesque salt mine village of Austria.

Hallstatt is a small village in the upper Austria region known for its salt mining. Its one of the most photographed region in the world, so much so that in China there is an exact replica of the village that is created. On my trip to Vienna, I decided to use the opportunity and visit this amazingly beautiful place. I booked my one day trip to Hallstatt through Viator which turned out to be an average experience but the place itself is so beautiful it just takes your breath away!

Hallstatt, Upper Austria, Austria

Its a small village on the shore of the lake made up of most beautiful small houses and cafes. After a picturesque 3 hour journey where we also visited Admont abbey in between, we reached the village of Hallstatt and immediately started off with exploring the town. This was a part of my first solo trip and hence I began the exploration alone. Its such beautiful houses, churches and lanes that I wanted to photograph every minute of it. I strolled around for close to an hour and then had an amazing coffee staring at the mountains and the lakes, and could then imagine how it would be to live amongst so much beauty always, only If such luck!

Beautiful houses at Hallstatt, Austria

Next to the village there is a salt musuem and the mine and a trolley ride that takes you up and down, there is trek also that you can walk up to see the top of the salt mine, I couldn’t go on the ride since I spent so much time discovering the village and I only had two hours to explore everything and then get back to the bus.


Outside church, Hallstatt, Austria

The houses all around were adorned with flowers and beautiful vines and surrounded by century old stone churches. I could have just stood there waiting for days staring at all the beautiful landscape and the architecture of the quaint houses.

Some tips on travel:

  1. If doing a day trip, its a full day trip with travel taking about 5-6 hours to and from Vienna. So plan accordingly
  2. There are options to stay at the village and around it and that could be an interesting option to explore the place extensively
  3. Don’t miss the salt mine – its interesting and also buy some beautiful salt!
Hallstatt, Austria

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