3 simple ways to be a green traveller!

First- why is being a green traveller important? Travelling is all about learning, discovering and exploring local cultures, history and soaking in the new place. We go to these places because of their allure or architecture or natural beauty and we as travellers have an additional responsibility of ensuring our footprint doesn’t damage the place. We all as travellers need to have a green footprint to ensure that our travel is helpful for local economy and ecology as well.

So here are my five quick tips, on how we can contribute our bit by being green travellers:

1.Carrying your own water bottle and not buying plastic ones all the time.

This one is simple and easy and actually saves money as well! now certain countries and places this is fairly easy where one can drink from tap water and all that is required is to refill the bottle everytime one is stepping out. The difficult part is in countries where you can drink tap water and have to buy drinking water, for that situation I use two hacks. One- if I am staying at a particular place for a duration of time I buy a bigger quantity of water and then use my water bottle for daily allowance or where some homestays or hostels or hotels give drinking water and I use my water bottle to fill it up to use for entire day.

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2. Dont litter the plastic or organic waste at any of the sites

This one is more specific to our local sites, where one finds littering of chips bags, biscuits and aerated drinks bottles all of which becomes an eyesore. Our greens are always littered with these and the glass of drink bottles, which leaves behind a trail of clutter. Nowdays the big menace is also of the disposable cups and plates that are non biodegradable and pollute the place thanks to the increasing number of travellers. Its our duty to one manage every waste that we generate and ensure no littering. Simple hacks- I always carry two plastic bags in my car- one for all the organic food waste that I generate and one for the dry waste and then once the trip is complete dump the segregated waste. Second option- ensure the waste is dumped correctly on the site.

Image result for line drawings waste

3. Generating huge amounts of waste and not dumping it correctly

This one is the easiest to do- choose option that ensure lesser wastage- tea in mud cups or steel cups and not plastic cups. Avoiding taking plastic bags and eat more fruits- which only result in organic waste!!!

Happy green travelling, please add more suggestions that can be followed, would love to implement, its about ensuring travelling is helpful for ecology and not against it!

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